Not sure where to start when you want to ship your car. An auto transport broker is someone that you might want to consider. Car Shipping Brokers contact several auto transport companies on your behalf to try and get the best rate for you.  In most cases, they do not own a auto transport carrier, they are more like the middle man. 

A reliable broker has built a good relationship with several carriers so they know who to call for your particuliar move. 

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If it is your first time shipping a vehicle, be sure to clarify if you are dealing with a broker or directly with an auto transport carrier. (they are the ones that will physically coming to pick up your vehicle).  If you are not sure where best place to find them, yo might want to start with an auto transport directory.

If time is on your side, I would always recommend contacting a few auto carriers directly as well as a broker until you feel comfortable with the move. By doing this you will not only get a real understanding for the auto transport market, but you will also have the opportunity to find a company that you feel comfortable with to ship your car.

In summary, don't rule out using a broker. Alot of times they will go out of their way with customer service since the are the middleman that is supposed to be there to make your car shipping experience a smoothe one.
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