Containerized Auto Shipping: This is the safest and most economical service available. There are regular sailings around the world. It is essential that cars be adequately blocked and braced in the container. Up to six small cars can be safely loaded in a 40' container. However, this should only be done by the most experienced packing professionals to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO): Vehicles are driven onto specialized vessels and lashed down inside the ship. From the West Coast of the USA, RORO is practical only from and to theFar East. RORO shipping to Europe is not practical from the West Coast, as the shipments are done via the Far East, and take from eight to ten weeks to reach Europe. RORO shipments from the East and Gulf coasts take about ten days to Europe, at very reasonable cost. However, there is more possibility of damage and theft with RORO than with containerized shipping, and therefore not conducive to shipping high value vintage or collectible autos.

Air Freight: While offering the fastest transit time, air freight is very expensive. It should only be used for very high value vehicles, in the most time critical of situations.  It will be the more expensive option when shipping your auto internationally.

US Customs: International auto shipping require US Customs approval prior to exporting. One of the following documents is required by US Customs for export clearance - Clean (no lien holder) Title ("pink slip" in California); Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO); Salvage Certificate. With a vehicle bought at auction, US Customs requires the auction bill of sale, the auction Gate Release, and the DMV printout showing that the title is clear. Please note that US Customs will not accept a Notarized Bill of Sale, even if it is accompanied with a DMV printout showing title is clear, unless it is accompanied by one of the above required documents. They used to, a long time ago, but not any more. Shipper's Export Declaration: In order to do the shipper's expot declaration, which is part of the overall export documentation process, we need the shipper to provide identification, such as the passport number, social security number, or federal tax id number.  You should also research customs brokers at your destination that will make the the process smoothe and easy when shipping auto internationally.
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Whether you are shipping to the Caribbean or to South America, there are details that you need to know when shipping auto internationally.

What You Need to Know When Shipping a Vehicle Overseas: The following information should prove useful to all people who are shipping an auto internationally.

Types of Transport Available: Shipping auto internationally can be done in one of three ways - In ocean freight containers, via Roll On-Roll Off vessels, and as Air Freight.