My name is Dean Osborne I am able work from home! If you found this page, I would say to at least read the below because it can change your life. It changed mine! You have nothing to lose by reading.

I am the founder of but more importantly I would like to share some information that I stumbled upon as I surfed late one night looking for an opportunity to make some extra money.

As with most, I currently work a full time job where I am confined to the office for most of the day.  I needed a way to make additional income!

Now although I had fairly stable job [full of challenges], I was looking for other avenues to supplement my income. I decided I would research some online possibilities. I started to work the search engines!

I ran into scores and scores of online business opportunites. I signed up with a few of their affiliate programs and I started working to promote these programs with little success.  As a surfer of the net, I would see all these affiliate sites and I knew that a select few HAD to be making money online, and making it as they slept.

However, deep down I figured that if others are succeeding online- who are not necessarily smarter than I, then I should be able to
succeed too.

I Found SBI!

With a little more self-conviction, I went back to Google and started to do more research. Again, I found several programs- but that time, of course, I was more cautious of the hype and false promises.

But one striked me! - one of Google's result showed up - a directory of affiliates programs that also offers reviews.
I clicked it and found they were giving SBI some great reviews. I was really impressed- but, as you would understand, still cautious, as most of these so called 'online business opportunites' always seems to be quite impressive.
Anyway SBI had a free affiliate program, so I said what the heck, I'll give it a shot. I signed up free as an affiliate.

My Passion for SBI

Believe me, the rest is history, I had made only one sale (US$75) as an affiliate before I decided I had seen enough, I bought the product!

Within three weeks of buying the product I founded Signs of a Cheater using SBI. I later went on to build Flat Stomach Exercises.

I only wish I would have found it before I built this website.  You will however see that my home page will include the links at the bottom of the page just as my SBI site. Just a little trick I learned with SBI that you can find out about later.

SBI takes your passion, hobby, skills or experience (My passion is writing) and help you create a Top 1% internet website. (All this can be done working from home)

I feel very accomplished to watch my little website pull visitors per day (as they promised) from 5 to 10 to 30, and then the snowball really got started- in only a few weeks!

A Website that Works!

Now although my site is still young, it is already matching up with the 'goliath' websites out there- albeit I have my own niche.

As of 10/04/07, just 4 months, the website was averaging over 100 unique visits, 235 total page views PER DAY!

Moreover, google gave me high ranking for a number of my pages. For example, Listen to this:

If you go to
Google right now and search for:

"signs she cheated ", or

 "signs of cheating men " , or

"infidelity at the workplace " will likely see this website [] on the FIRST or SECOND page!

If you search google for "signs of cheating men" you will also more than likey see my article entitled

Top 10 Signs Of Cheating Men - Here They Are! 

on the first or second page. Guess who taught me how to get my articles ranking so guessed it! Yes,
in the TOP 10 of over millions of pages! AND THIS IS STILL EARLY DAYS!
It is still hard for me to believe that this website is getting so much traffic with all the websites online in only 4 months! Amazing!

SBI's 10-day guide
takes away all the complexites of building a profitable website. In fact, it feels like nothing but fun!

Today, my primary income is from referrals to my website that I forward to qualified infidelity counselors and private investigators. 

Visitors contact me, I forward the email and I get paid! I wouldn't have believed it myself 4 ½ months ago.

SBI also teaches you how to monetize your site using the Google Adsense program.  Below you will see the stats after only the second month of using SBI and only the first full month of adsense (You will notice that adsense is not even on all my pages at Signs of a Cheater as yet!). I will implement this slowly over time.
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This month I am on pace to receive about $190 from adsense alone. 

When someone clicks on any of my google ads, I make money from Google! 

But while I thank Google for a super product, my heartiest thanks go to Ken Envoy and SBI.  Google "Ken Envoy" to read more about him!

Thanks to SBI I am now have my part time job where I work approx 6 hours a week from home at night and make close to $600 a month and that's in 4 months.  My website has only approximately 35 pages so far which still makes it an infant site.

I am not the only fanatic of SBI either; there are hundreds of other little people- that are succeeding with SBI.

Check out other actual successful SBI'ers

SBI is the answer to my prayers! You can also see the overview of what they have to offer here.

If you're not too sure about what I meant about earning money with the Google Adsense program or making money by referals, click here on Google Adsense or referals to learn how you can get started making money.

If you read this far, you have nothing to lose except a chance to work from home.  If you do your research as I did (I even googled many of the sites listed in the case studies to see if they were really coming up in google) then you will know that you are covered by there Money Back Guarantee.

Are you ready?

Try SBI for yourself

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If still have any questions email me directly, I can answer an questions you may have.


Dean A. Osborne
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